Smallhold, a US-based indoor mushroom producer, launched a Mushroom Pesto which contains over half a pound of blue oyster, trumpet, and shiitake mushrooms.

"To start, we’re on the shelves of our favorite independent grocers. You can find the very first tubs of Mushroom pesto at The Meat Hook, Mccalls, Pop Up Grocer, Perlandra, Thoms Market, Wheatsville Food Co-op, Carlas, and more... There is some really, big news on the way," says Andrew Carter, Co-founder, and CEO of Smallhold.

The mushrooms have been dehydrated for ultimate umami concentration, simmered with roasted onion, garlic, and spices, and finally swirled into a *literal* mushroom container.

Mushroom pesto

The Pesto is the brainchild of the Smallhold Innovations Department, run by Adam DeMartino, Adrianna Rae Baeza, and Travis Breihan, utilizing all the extra trimmings/mushrooms that don’t make it into the clamshells that you can find in grocery stores all over the US. It’s an upcycled product.

For more information:
Andrew Carter, CEO