Last year, Lgem in De Kwakel realized a facility for daylight-free algae cultivation. This allows better control over light and other variables, thus facilitating optimal algae growth. Sander Hazewinkel, CCO at Lgem, gives TV chef Rosah van Schendelen a tour for the program BinnensteBuiten.

The broadcast also offers viewers a glimpse of the brand-new daylight-free cultivation.

Image from BinnensteBuiten broadcast on January 12, 2024

How the facility was built can be seen here. In the daylight-free cultivation facility, which is located in the greenhouse, the algae farmers of Lgem can show customers how the systems work. This also allows the algae farmers to gain experience with daylight-free cultivation so that customers who purchase the systems do not have to acquire all the knowledge themselves.

The two greenhouse setups in De Kwakel.

Watch the BinnensteBuiten broadcast here.

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