Students at St Matthias Catholic Academy in Ridgewood, Queens, are getting psyched about science. They're learning about food growth, sustainability, and composting through the school's unique hydroponics lab.

"It's amazing that the crop of younger people, to use a pun, coming up that are getting exposed to vertical farming. It's great because I think that's sort of the future. That's sort of how this whole thing gets expanded," owner of Farm One and hydroponics expert Derek Pitts said. Seventh-grade students Olivia, Natalie, and Matilda are assistants in the hydroponics lab.

"The hydroponic system, with all the rock wall and the water's nutrients, is way better than planting with a garden and soil. It's less messy, and it's also easier to care for," Olivia said. "Anyone can do this at their home."

"These plants grow only from water," Natalie said. "This right here is called our NFT," Matilda said. "We have two buckets. The pipes through here lift all the water through these tubes that circulate through all the plants."