Last weekend, April 1 and 2, Dutch growers opened their greenhouses to the general public. This event is called 'Kom in de Kas' (Visit the greenhouse), and this year it welcomed 160.000 visitors. A total of 121 companies in 19 different regions participated.

At Kwekerij Stouten, before it started to become really busy. Check out the pictures.

Like last year, the industry is going through challenging times. Yet, that didn't prevent many growers from once again opening their greenhouses to the public. This year, the theme of the event was "Green Love'.

Rondleiding langs varens en aardbeien bij Frisk-en Fruktergard in Zierikzee

Each region received as many or even more visitors than previous editions, the organization reported. Due to the wet spring weather on Saturday morning, the event got off to a somewhat quiet start. Yet, some regions were luckier than others and had a lot of sun shining on the typical glass roofs. There, many greenhouses were indeed open on Sunday as well.

At Nursery PandA, where they grow eggplant and strelitzias. 

Our editors visited Westland, Schouwen-Duiveland, Bommelerwaard, and the Betuwe.

Visitors could ask plenty of questions to the growers and their employees. For a short while, the interest was mainly focused on the beautiful products on display at the greenhouses, and growers could take their minds away from their daily challenges. Dressed in blue shirts, growers and employees visibly enjoyed the contact with interested visitors and the appreciation they received. "Look at this! These peppers grow much better than ours at home," you could hear people say.

In the greenhouse at Bolk Plants

'Kom in de Kas' is the largest public event of the Dutch greenhouse horticulture sector, and this year marked the 45th edition. The event is made possible by GroentenFruit Huis, Royal FloraHolland, Plantion, Interpolis, and many regional sponsors. In 2024, Kom in de Kas will be on April 6 and 7.

Click here for the photo report to get an impression of the event (in Dutch).

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