After working in the herb industry for 15 years, Drona Pantjoe chose to go it alone a year ago, on December 5. He started Kenya-Fresh. "I started as a warehouse worker at Cool Control in Maasdijk, the Netherlands, in 2007. I still work in that area, but now with my own business," says Drona.

"When I launched the company, finding the right growers and guaranteeing stable prices was challenging. But with some adjustments, I managed. I'm a one-person business, so I can keep costs as low as possible. Kenya Fresh's motto is 'high quality, low prices'. I supply most of my herbs to Germany and France and indirectly to Poland and Ukraine. In the winter, Italy, Austria, Lithuania, Romania, and the Netherlands are the main markets."

"In the summer, there are always shortages of certain types of herbs in Kenya," Drona explains. "But then, to keep supplying my customers, I buy locally. During the flower season, especially around Valentine's and Mother's Day, air freight availability is slightly more difficult, but with good planning, it often still works out. I'm currently nice and busy because, towards Christmas, demand always exceeds supply."

He will be getting salicornia from Portugal starting the second week of January. "The war in Israel means some clients choose Portugal as an alternative. That greenhouse salicornia has a subtle, less salty flavor and soft texture. The first shipments' volumes will be limited, but that will increase," Drona concludes.

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