Viscon TV is a brand new initiative by Viscon Group, providing inspiring studio sessions, podcasts and industry talks, by bringing together industry leaders to explore new trends, opportunities and sharing inspirational stories across the Agro&Food sector. The first episode of the series will feature an important, emerging theme: Medicinal Crops, available June 1st.

In recent months, Viscon Group has established a professional TV studio, with the goal to create an online platform where knowledge, ideas and innovations from various sectors can be shared and discussed. The broadcast is setup in a talk show setting, where industry peers, partners & customers are invited to speak on the subject at hand.

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Medicinal Crops: from genetics to marketable product
The first Viscon TV episode, hosted by Maren Schoormans, is about the latest trends in the rapidly growing field of medicinal crops. Join Viscon Group in their quest to unravel the intricacies of medicinal crop genetics, cultivation, post-harvesting processes, software, blockchain & AI, extraction and active candy production. Learn more about how tissue culture changed the industry and the impact that genetics have on plant production. Industry leaders talk about the main trends for medicinal crops and how to utilize these in your plant factory.

Watch the full studio session here. The podcast version can also be listened to via Spotify.

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