Surna Cultivation Technologies was awarded preventative maintenance contracts for HVACD systems from facilities in Arizona and Michigan, which operate a combined 75,000 square feet of cultivation space.

“Surna Cultivation Technologies is excited to sign our first preventative maintenance contracts,” said Grant Wilkerson, Surna Project Manager. “By utilizing these services, our customers can feel confident that their systems will operate at their peak performance and that their HVACD (environmental control) equipment will be regularly serviced to remain sustainable for the long haul.”

"Surna can provide reliable, local maintenance services for facilities, regardless of HVACD system type, manufacturer, or facility location. Surna’s maintenance team initially performs an overall assessment of each piece of equipment, which helps to identify potential problems before they are emergencies. They then communicate with the customer at scheduled intervals, ensuring maintenance tasks are completed and work with the customer’s cultivation team to avoid disruption of the critical work being done in their facility."

Surna’s HVACD maintenance plans are customized for the individual needs of each facility, and owner, to ensure that the goals of the individual business are being met. "Surna’s goal in providing maintenance services is to optimize the customer’s mission-critical environmental controls system and maximize their uptime both now and into the future."

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