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Horticulture gets ready for Fruit Logistica

Next week, the Fruit Logistica will take place in Berlin. After a dry-spell of two years, the fresh produce industry gets to meet up again. Over the last couple of years, more and more horticultural suppliers found their way to the show. How about the 2022 edition?

Usually, the Fruit Logistica takes place in February, this year's edition was postponed for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, the exhibitors and visitors will not enjoy spring in Berlin, as the weather forecasts quite resemble your typical February weather: rain, cold and snow. But what about the atmosphere in the Messe? 

The exhibition is smaller than usual with fewer exhibitors participating. The number of halls is lower and paths and opens spaces are bigger. The decrease can also be seen in the horticultural exhibitors. This year only hall 8.1 is to be filled with technique companies, whereas in 2020 suppliers could also be found in 7.1. Also, the Dutch hall, 3.2, is home to quite a few technique companies, as are the Italian and the British regions on the show. Breeders can be found everywhere. 

It's clear that quite an amount of companies have chosen to miss out this edition and to either participate in the GreenTech in Amsterdam or to participate next year again. Also, the fact that the CPMA takes place next week in Canada might conflict some suppliers. However, of course, there's enough to discover on the show. Breeders, technical suppliers and growers are to present their products at the show.

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Automated work inside greenhouses
J. Huete International will be attending with its high-tech greenhouses and large-scale projects. Amongst the innovations that the company from Murcia is bringing its specialized systems for automating work inside greenhouses, optimizing crop production and maximizing quantity and quality.

Among the new climate control strategies in greenhouses that J. Huete International is implementing in projects all over the world, the semi-enclosed systems stand out: higher productivity and water tightness solutions that require less water, energy and use of chemicals. Positive pressure ventilation with either indoor or outdoor air, or both, ensures better control of temperature and humidity through these systems. Moreover, they incorporate a climatic chamber into their structure where the air is mixed according to the needs to provide it in the best form and temperature for the crop.
Stand B-13a, Hall 8.1

Hydroponic Systems brings its root disease prevention solutions to Fruit Logistic
The Murcian company Hydroponic Systems will be exhibiting its hydroponic and substrate growing systems to visitors from all over the world. These systems, designed and manufactured in the Region, improve growers' results, as shown by several recent studies.

One of them, based on the observation of different customers, shows that the specific systems developed for strawberries increase production by 1.4kg per plant. On the other hand, Mexican consultants from Ceickor Centro Universitario report that, by using these systems with the Spacer, they have managed to increase the total yield of their plantation by between 3% and 5%. Read more about the system here or visit Hydroponic Systems on the show.
Stand B-12, hall 8.1

Please find an overview of horticultural suppliers here. Missing on the list? Please send an e-mail!

Hal Stand Company
1.2 B-06 Monsanto Holland BV
1.2 B-09 Fertil SAS
1.2 B-12 Hishtil Ltd
1.2 B-15 BEJO ZADEN B.V.
1.2 B-18 Gautier Semences SAS
1.2 B-19 Certhon Build B.V.
1.2 B-20 Nunhems Netherlands BV
1.2 C-09 Visser Plant Technology B.V
1.2 C-10 Koppert B.V.
1.2 C-16 Tomatech R&D LTD
1.2 D-04 Rijk Zwaan Nederland B.V.
1.2 D-04 RIJK ZWAAN Welver GmbH Gemüsezüchtung & Saatguthandel
1.2 D-05 Looye Kwekers Holding B.V.
1.2 D-11 Iribov B.V.
1.2 D-13 Iribov B.V.
1.2 D-13 Peter Dekker Installaties BV
1.2 D-13 Verkade Climate
1.2 D-16 Syngenta Seeds B.V.
2.1 E-14 Bulgarian Greenhouse Growers' Ass. Bulgarska Asoziazia na Proizvoditel na Oranjeriina Produkzia
23. A-17 TS Royalty BV
25. B-12 North American Greenhouses
3.1 A-01 Cyklop Nederland B.V.
3.1 A-07 AWETA G&P B.V.
3.1 B-03 Weber Vacuum Cooling
3.1 D-06 JASA Packaging Solutions BV
3.2 A-02
3.2 A-03 Hoogendoorn Growth Management
3.2 A-06 Bato Plastics B.V.
3.2 A-07 Genap B.V.
3.2 A-08 Signify Horticulture Led Solutions
3.2 A-11 Stolze Agro Int'l B.V.
3.2 A-12 Agrolux Nederland B.V.
3.2 A-12 Gavita International B.V.
3.2 A-14 Sercom Regeltechniek
3.2 A-15 Ridder
3.2 A-17 Bom Greenhouses B.V.
3.2 A-18 Ludvig Svensson B.V.
3.2 A-19 VB Group
3.2 B-07 Groen Agro Control
3.2 B-10 Axia Vegetable Seeds B.V.
3.2 B-14 Dalsem Complete Greenhouse Projects
3.2 B-15 Horticoop Technical Services b.v.
3.2 B-16 Delphy B.V.
3.2 B-19 Priva B.V.
3.2 C-01 Looije Agro Technics B.V.
3.2 C-07 Intrahorti
3.2 C-11 Hortilux Schréder b.v.
3.2 C-16 MJ-Tech Fogsystems
3.2 D-04 Van der Knaap Group - Forteco
3.2 D-09 Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects BV
3.2 D-11 Van Dijk Heating B.V.
3.2 D-12 Grodan
3.2 D-13 Environmental Monitoring Systems (EMS) B.V.
3.2 D-14 GreenTech RAI Amsterdam
3.2 D-16 Saint-Gobain Cultilene B.V.
3.2  C-14 Triferto
4.1 B-01 Berkvens Greenhouse Mobility B.V.
4.1 B-01 Buitendijk & Slaman B.V.
4.1 B-01 Taks Handling Systems b.v.
4.1 C-06 Gearbox Innovations BV
4.1 C-08 Koppert Machines & Zonen B.V.
5.1 A-14 WayBeyond Ltd
5.1 B-20 Gremon Systems Zrt
5.2 D-12 2BFRESH
6.1 B-01 Cravo Equipment Ltd.
6.1 B-02 Idromeccanica Lucchini SpA
6.1 B-04 ARRIGONI S.p.a.
8.1 A-01 Haygrove GmbH
8.1 A-02 Montajes Fertri, S.L.
8.1 A-03 Cogas Zuid B.V.
8.1 A-04 Richel Serres de France S.A,
8.1 A-05 Dry Hydroponics BV
8.1 A-06 Bogaerts Greenhouse Logistics BVBA
8.1 A-07 CODEMA Systems Group B.V.
8.1 A-08 SNF SA
8.1 A-09 LUBING Maschinenfabrik Ludwig Bening GmbH & Co. KG
8.1 A-10 Uvivo AB
8.1 A-11 Moleaer Inc.
8.1 A-12 Plastika Kritis S.A.
8.1 A-13 DA ROS srl.
8.1 A-14A urban-gro, Inc.
8.1 A-15 Vyncke N.V.
8.1 A-15 Vyncke N.V.
8.1 A-16 Light4Food B.V.
8.1 A-18 Hortiplan BV
8.1 A-19 Luiten Greenhouses BV
8.1 A-19 Saarlucon B.V.
8.1 A-20 Plastical s.r.l.
8.1 A-21 Lux Ledlighting SRL
8.1 A-22 Klaus Kuba GmbH
8.1 A-23 Knecht GmbH Gewächshaus-Einrichtungen
8.1 A-25 Simonetti Adamo s.r.l.
8.1 A-26 Senmatic A/S
8.1 A-28 Metazet FormFlex b.v.
8.1 A-29 Ellepot A/S
8.1 A-31 Vivent SA
8.1 A-32 PYLOT BV
8.1 A-33 Comercial Projar S.A
8.1 A-34 Horconex B.V.
8.1 A-35 TESLUX Lighting s.r.o.
8.1 A-36 Greatit S.r.l.
8.1 A-36 Greatit S.r.l.
8.1 B-01 Scarabelli Irrigazione Srl
8.1 B-02 Europrogress s.r.l.
8.1 B-03 Bosman Van Zaal B.V.
8.1 B-04 Asthor Agricola S.A.
8.1 B-05 Netled Oy
8.1 B-06 MechaTronix Kaohsiung Co.,Ltd
8.1 B-07 Thrace Nonwovens & Geosynthetics S.A.
8.1 B-08 Vostermans Ventilation B.V.
8.1 B-09 Ulma Agricola S. Coop.
8.1 B-10 Meteor Systems B.V.
8.1 B-11 Roam Technology NV
8.1 B-12 JH Hydroponic Systems S.L.
8.1 B-13A Comercial J. Huete S.L.
8.1 B-14 GreenPro Ventures Pvt. Ltd.
8.1 B-15 ArtigianFer di Virgilio Cardelli s.r.l.
8.1 B-16 Elpress B.V.
8.1 B-17 Tungsram Operations Ltd
8.1 B-18 Danish Horti Supply a/s
8.1 B-19 C-LED Srl
8.1 B-20 Davik Industries A.C.S. Ltd
8.1 B-21 Daios Plastics S.A.
8.1 B-22 Urban Harvest BVBA
8.1 B-23 Vaighai Agro Products Limited
8.1 B-24 Hortitech International Sp. z o.o.
8.1 B-25 Ina Plastics S.A.
8.1 B-26 Urban Crop Solutions BV
8.2 A-08 Botanicoir Ltd.
8.2 A-08 INDO Lighting Ltd
8.2 A-08 Russell Bio Solutions Ltd
9. A-14 Flier Systems B.V.
9. B-06 Lab Associates B.V.
9. B-09 Greenhouse Formula
9. B-09 Corvus Drones BV
9. B-09 Organifarms GmbH
9. B-09 Crocus Labs GmbH
9. B-09 Lite+Fog
9. B-12 Berg Hortimotive
9. B-12 HortiKey
9. B-12 Hortilogics B.V.
9. B-12 Royal Brinkman International B.V.
9. B-16 Mechatec B.V.
9. C-06 Kind Technologies B.V.
9. C-09 Viscon BV

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