This week the Horti Asia takes place in Bangkok. Answering the growing demand for safely produced food, the CEA industry is developing in the Southern Asian region, which is of course why the show is visited by many people with interest in this market.

Due to the travel restrictions the majority of the visitors still are from Thailand, yet it is clear markets like Vietnam and Malaysia also have interest in technologies and knowledge from the CEA industry. In addition, visitors from India, Europe and US were present.

Tomorrow we'll provide you with a full photo report of the show - but here's a sneak peak.

BlueLab acquired Autogrow recently. In the photo James Goodwin & Hwang Shuang Chiang.

Johan van Gelderen with Kekkila, Friso Klok with Rijk Zwaan en Wim Damsteegt with Dutch Greenery

Present since the first Horti Asia! Arjen van Dijk, Surathep Tripetpuang & Kasidit Chotikunchorn.