Last week, the Indoor AgTech Innovation Summit was held at the Marriott hotel in New York, USA. Over 500 people flew out to participate in person, whereas others followed the panels closely virtually. Besides growers and suppliers, other interested parties from other industries joined, such as investors, alternative food production companies, packaging companies, and so on, to see what the industry offers.

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In this brief overview of the event, we'll look closely at the topics discussed and trends on the exhibition floor. As frequently bespoken during other events, efficiency was a topic of interest during the event. As well as the introduction of alternative crops like wasabi, hops, and others. Besides that, energy, sustainability, investments, applying efficiency into operations, breeding, the future of the CEA space, and automation were broadly discussed.

Therefore, after an intense but rewarding two days of socializing, catching up with the ones we have only spoken with via email, and processing information of the many panels we've heard, it's time to start the work week again. But first, it's time to see who was there in the photo report.

Ellis Janssen, Blake Lange and Udo van Slooten with Signify

Cristian Sjogren and Koichi Arimitsu made sure to grab AgroUrbana's co-founder Pablo Bunster for a group photo

Kasey Snyder and Sanna Andersson with Netled

Jack Williams-Ellis and Gustav Holst Stuge with Vertical Future

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