The registration for the Ohio Controlled Environment Agriculture Center (OHCEAC)’s first annual controlled environment agriculture conference, “Advancement of Microbial Technologies for Controlled Environment Agriculture,” will be closing on July 6 (in person) and July 10 (online). The conference will be on July 20, 2022 (EST standard time) and will be accessible in person in Columbus, OH, or online via Zoom.

The hybrid conference will provide attendees with a learning opportunity about beneficial microbes (fungi and bacteria) used to stimulate plant growth, enhance product quality, and to control pests and diseases under controlled environmental conditions. The program will start with four invited speakers providing scientific, technological, and regulatory backgrounds of beneficial microbes, including the future of this growing market and research needs. Specific microbial technologies include biostimulants, bio fungicides, and biopesticides. Conference presentations will also include scientific research project updates from multiple research groups at The Ohio State University.

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