Today, the first edition of the Vertifarm has been launched at the Messe in Dortmund, where suppliers, growers, investors, and other interested parties will meet from 27-29 September. 

Tuesday's theme of discussion is 'Planting Seeds,' where keynote speakers such as industry experts, scientists, government representatives, and investors from around the world are welcomed to deliver thought-provoking presentations and panel discussions. 

Here are some snaps of the exhibition floor and in-between panels. 

Maarten Vandecruys, co-founder of Urban Crop Solutions (UCS) is ready for Vertifarm. Have a look at UCS' ModuleX at their booth 5.G08

IGS is also present to showcase their Towers in miniature. They also have their VR goggles with them, so make sure to get an impression of the system at booth 5.F16

The ladies of Rotower are ready for action. The Rotower, a product of Green Drops Farms, is being showcased at the fair

Prof. Hannelore Daniel from New Good Systems, during her presentation

The AVF (Association for Vertical Farming) is ready to roll! Get to meet the team at their booth 5.F10

Alessandro Oliveri (Co-founder) is ready to welcome everyone at Igrox's booth 5.C04 to talk about sustainability in vertical farming and microalgae cultivation 

Jeroen Naus with Lab Associates shared that he is looking forward to meeting everyone at their stand 5.G16

This morning Dr. Yousef Alhafedh from the Ministry of Environment Water and Agriculture of Saudi Arabia was speaking about aquaponics (Photo credits: AVF)

Galina Gorshkova and Tim Schäfer with Crocus Labs shared a selfie of themselves at the fair

The exhibition floor

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Eelkje Pulley 

On Wednesday, 28 September, our colleague Eelkje Pulley will be walking down the aisles to take photos of exhibitors and attendees. So if you haven't had your photo taken yet, give her a nudge, or send us your photos via so we can include you in the photo report which will be published this Friday. 

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